Recommendation Letters

Recommendation Letters

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a testimonial of your strengths, skills, abilities, talent and achievements. EIC provides students with the step by step guidelines in arranging for strong recommendation letters.

Writing Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

As part of the Study Abroad Application, students are required to request a letter of recommendation from a teacher or professor who has taught them in their last qualification. Universities place high value on recommendation letters from professors.

Guidelines for Recommenders

Students are advised to request letters of recommendation at least four weeks prior to starting their study abroad application. The student should provide these guidelines to their professors for including the relevant points in their LORs.
• In what capacity and for what length of time have you known the applicant?
• What course(s) did the applicant take with you?
• How would you rate this applicant’s intellectual motivation?
• Discuss the quality of academic work prepared by the applicant.
• List any special considerations of which we should be aware.
• If possible, comment on the applicant’s suitability for study abroad in terms of personal factors, such as stability, independence of mind, creative ability, responsiveness to feedback and authority, ability to work in groups, and motivation.
• Generally, recommendation letters are three to four paragraphs long and no longer than one page.

Guidelines for Employer Letter of Recommendation

Letters from employers should contain information such as the positions the applicant has held with the organization; a summary of the applicant’s job responsibilities; the applicant’s strengths, skills, talents, initiative, dedication, integrity, and reliability; the applicant’s ability to work with a team; and the applicant’s ability to work independently.

Who Should Recommend You?

For Under Graduate Level

At this level, mostly academic recommendations are useful. Following can write a LOR:

  • The Principal of the school
  • Subject Teachers or Lecturers
  • Student Counsellor
  • Head of the department
  • Project head

For Graduate Level or Doctoral level

Both academic and Professional recommendations are required. Following can write a LOR:

  • The Principal of the school / college/institute
  • Subject Teachers or Lecturers
  • Student Counsellor
  • Head of the department
  • Project head
  • Supervisors
  • Managers

How to select your Recommender?

  • Recommender should know you reasonably well.
  • Recommender should be well aware of your abilities and achievements.
  • Recommender should be able to give clear picture about your career goals.
  • Recommender should be able to provide honest and positive reference.
  • Recommender should be able to provide authenticity to your application with meaningful references from your life.
  • Recommender should be able to give full cooperation required in filling online recommendation forms.
  • Recommender should recommend you whole heartedly.

How should your LORs be?

  • LORs should be on school/college/employer letter head.
  • LORs should have the signature of the recommender.
  • LORs should have the designation of the recommender.
  • LORs should mention the contact number and email id of the recommender
  • LORs should bear the stamp of the school/college/company
  • To maintain confidentiality of LORs, many universities need LORs sealed in an envelope. The envelope should bear cross sign of the recommender and institution stamp.
  • Also, some universities require recommender to directly provide online recommendation at the university portal and fill the letter of recommendation form.
Please consult your study abroad counsellor at EIC for guidance.

Other Procedures:
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