Travel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

EIC has tie-up’s with airlines and travel agencies, which ensures a safe and comfortable journey. EIC facilitates booking flights well in advance so that students can avail best discounts on air fares.

Tips For Booking The Best Flight Abroad

There are several ways to finding affordable airfare:

  1. Start early
  2. Compare prices
  3. Check luggage costs
  4. Make sure the airline you choose allows you to amend your travel dates
  5. Consider distance of destination airport to your university
  6. Reserve the best seat

How much baggage can I carry while travelling by airplane?

The weight and size of the baggage that you can carry with you differs for each airline. You should check with the airlines before your departure. However, in general, you are allowed to carry two types of baggage: cabin baggage and checked baggage. Cabin baggage is limited to one item. However, the maximum weight varies greatly among airlines. It can be as and light as 7 kgs (15 pounds) or as heavy as 18 kgs (40 pounds). Checked baggages, are limited to one to two items. Each should weigh maximum 32 kgs (70 pounds). Many flights allow students to carry extra luggage free of cost.

What documents should I carry when I am travelling abroad?

When you are travelling abroad for your studies, you should carry these documents along with your ticket:

  • Valid Passport with valid visa
  • Offer Letter of the university or college
  • Medical Report
  • Insurance policy
  • Accommodation Booking confirmation
Please consult your study abroad counsellor at EIC for guidance.

Other Procedures:
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