Description: This course is not only focussed on teaching php programming and mysql but more focussed on developing a real world application using php and mysql. We will create the application step by step, by teaching the related php and mysql topics related to each step. By the end of the course , you can come up with your own idea for your dream project and we will help u setup your project, guide you from development to deployment.


Week 1 : Php and Mysql Concepts

  1. Php programming concepts
  2. Mysql Database concepts
  3. Home Assignment

Week 2: Setting up your Project

  1. Installing Apache and Mysql Server
  2. Creating a new project from scratch
  3. Creating Public Html pages.
  4. Home Assignment

Week 3:  Database Design

  1. Creating Database and tables
  2. Creating Users and Roles
  3. Setup User Authentication and Authorization
  4. Home Assignment

Week 4: Web Security

  1. Setting up the home page for Logged-in users and Logging-out
  2. Setting up Dashboard for Admin Panel
  3. Testing Page Security
  4. Home Assignment

Week 5: CRUD Operations

  1. Adding data to database.
  2. Displaying data in the home page
  3. Editing Data/ Deleting Data
  4. Home Assignment

Week 6: Testing and Best Practices

  1. Learn how to test security of web application
  2. Learn best practices for web development
  3. Learn best PHP practices
  4. Home Assignment

Week 7: Deploy and Maintenance

  1. Deploy the project on Production Server
  2. Learn how to edit files on live server
  3. Lean how to do back up of project and database.

Week 8: Build your dream Project

  1. You can come up with your own idea for your dream project
  2. We will help you setup project and guide you.
  3. We will help you to deploy your completed project.


 Course Duration : Total 40 hrs

Time :  1 pm to 2 pm

Days : Sun to Fri (5 days a week)

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