Develop a Real World Application using mvc

Develop a Real World Application using mvc

Description: Be a part of the team of developers and learn to develop real world application. This course is not just about teaching programming but more about the software development process. We will be developing a real project for a client with a team of experience software developers. Be a part of the software development process and learn how a n-tier domain centric applications are developed using mvc. At the end of the course, you can come up with your own idea for your dream project and we will guide you and help you to develop and deploy your project.


Week 1: Planning

  1. Understanding Project Concept
  2. Gather project requirements
  3. Design Software Architecture
  4. Design Flowcharts and Mockups
  5. Learn to work on Agile Methodology
  6. Home Assignment

Week 2: Setting up Project

  1. Install VS and MS Sql Server
  2. Overview of n-tier Domain Centric Application Development
  3. Setup Git and Learn how to work on team
  4. Setup Core Class Library Project
  5. Setup Infrastructure Class Library Project
  6. Setup UI project ( mvc web project)
  7. Setup Unit Test Project
  8. Home Assignment

   Week 3:  Domain Setup

  1. Create Domain Classes
  2. Design Interfaces
  3. Complete Core Project
  4. Home Assignment

Week 4: Infrastructure Setup

  1. Use Code First Entity Framework to setup Database
  2. Learn Repository Pattern
  3. Create Services
  4. Complete Infrastructure Project
  5. Home Assignment

Week 4: Web Application Setup

  1. Learn MVC Architecture
  2. Create View Models
  3. Create Controllers and Action Methods
  4. Create Layouts, Partials and Views
  5. Create User Access Control System
  6. Home Assignment

Week 5:  Adding UI Features

  1. Learn to use bootstrap
  2. Learn to use Jquery plugins
  3. Learn to use Jquery Datatables
  4. Home Assignment

Week 6: Adding Functionality to Project

  1. Learn to Print Invoice
  2. Learn to Export Data
  3. Learn Crystal Reports
  4. Learn Email Services
  5. Home Assignment

Week 7: Testing and Deployment

  1. Test on development Environment
  2. Deploy on Production Server
  3. Modification and Maintenance of Project
  4. Maintenance of Production Server

Week 8: Build your dream project

  1. You can come up with your own idea for your dream project
  2. We will help you to setup your project
  3. We can guide you to develop your dream project
  4. We will help you to Deploy and Launch your project


Course Duration : 8 weeks (64 hours)

4 days a week (MON, TUES, WED, THUR)

Time available : 7 am to 9 am (2 hours per day), 2 pm to 4 pm , 5 pm to 7 pm

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