Rajendra Pokharel

Immigration Lawyer

Law Society of Ontario

Toronto, Canada


Rajendra Pokharel is a Toronto-based immigration lawyer with extensive experience in Canadian immigration law. He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and is  known for his compassionate approach to assisting individuals and businesses navigate the complex immigration system. 

He completed his LLB from BPP University London, moved to Canada and completed his  LLM from the University of Montreal . He  passed the NCA examinations and enrolled in the Law Practice Program, where he trained with seasoned Canadian immigration lawyers. 

Mr. Pokharel passed the Solicitor and Barrister exams and now specializes in Civil Litigation, Business Law, and Immigration Law. With his expertise in immigration law, he has helped countless clients realize their dreams of living and working in Canada.

Contact Office in Nepal: Expert International Consultancy, New Baneshwor Plaza, 2nd Floor, Block E

Office in Canada: Toronto, Ontario

Bar Council License (Canada):  86056W

License Class: L1

Accrediting Institution: Law Society of Ontario

Email: rajendra@eicnepal.com